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This website and some apps we have installed automatically use ‘cookies’, mostly to give our visitors a more personalized user experience.


Cookies are small files that are stored in browsers and devices by websites, to give visitors a more personalized experience and enable other cookie-based features. In certain jurisdictions (such as in the EU) there are laws that regulate how cookies can be used, how such use should be notified to visitors, and how a visitor’s consent should be obtained. As these legal requirements may vary depending on your jurisdiction, visitors and uses.

Gear Head uses cookies to update and improve the services and features offered to you on this website, which means improving your user experience.

What you should you know about Cookies and no, we’re not talking about the ones you eat.

Cookies are small files or other pieces of data which are downloaded or stored on your computer or other device, that can be tied to information about your use of our website (including certain third-party services and features offered as part of our website).

Legal Agreement:
By using this website, you agree to such use of cookies, unless you later decide to disable them in your account settings.

Please note that if you delete or disable our cookies you may experience interruptions or limited functionality in certain areas of the website.

For more information or if you’ve any concerns and or questions. Please Contact Us.

The Gear Head Crew

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