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A Stolen C8 Corvette Pursuit Ends In A Wild Crash

Stealing cars and running from the law is a bad idea, and this video shows that criminals never prevail when they do.

Early Thursday Morning officers from the Michigan State Police Department got a call stating that a 2021 Corvette was stolen from a local dealership in a near by town called Novi Michigan at just around 10:00AM that morning.

Thanks to modern technology this car was tracked, located and found by OnStar technology at roughly 10:30AM that morning.

When OnStar picked up the cars location near Gratiot Avenue and Outer Drive, officers located the car at roughly 10:34AM and turned on their emergency lights and sirens, which to anyone of course means the police are signaling you to pull over and give up, but instead the driver didn't have common sense and sped up which then lead to a pursuit kicking off.

The 2021 Corvette had to much horsepower for driver to handle.

Michigan State Police pursued the stolen Corvette to 1-75 Service Drive, this is when the Corvette lost control, side swiped a van and then crashed into several parked vehicles before coming to a rest. Once the Corvette was at a rest two suspects jumped out of the car and fled officers on foot. No worries, they were captured and arrested shortly after, as mentioned before; "criminals never prevail".

As Michigan Police Officers were catching up and approaching the totaled Corvette, you can see in the dashcam that the Corvette is smoking and the cars finders, front right wheel and other body parts are scattered all over the roadway. Dashcam footage released from MSP Metro Detroit Police also shows the intense foot pursuit ending with a police officer driving through an apartment complex to apprehend the suspect.

It is sad that this 2021 Corvette was stolen from hard working people because a few couldn't earn it honestly, but we're glad no one was injured while this pursuit was taken place.

YouTube Video from FOX 2.

Source: Fox 2 News

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