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Adam Sandler takes a selfie with the person he was involved in a fender bender with.

Adam Sandler takes selfie with star-struck woman after getting into fender bender with her in LA - Image Credit: Daily Mail.
What a kindhearted character.

Adam Sandler is known to be a heartwarming person both on set and off. Sandler is best known for his roles on Big Daddy, Billy Madison and Grown Ups to just name a few including his new movie coming out which is called Hustle.

The 55-year-old comedian who was born in Brooklyn, New York recently returned from his home state where he gave a speech at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, a college he graduated from 34 years ago. Sandler's class of alma matter was all proud of him and his accomplishments in life. Congratulations Adam Sandler!

Sader expressed his joy and praised his class for their interest in arts, saying.

"We just want to give our fellow humans an escape from this increasingly psychotic world we live in.
"The biggest reason we Tischies chose the arts is because we literally can't do anything else. What was I gonna do, become an investment banker? I can't even find my wallet three times a week."
The "Uncut Gems" star joked with parents in the audience that they "really messed up" raising their kids.
"You might be supporting these kids for a very long time," he said. "They are not leaving the nest anytime soon. This is a tough business they chose, but there's still time to talk them out of it."
He added: "I'm trying to talk my kids out of showbiz, and they know f---ing Adam Sandler."

The actor also had some advice for parents watching.
"No. 1, somehow slip your kid's headshot to Mr. Martin Scorsese before this event ends," he joked. "He'll love it, I promise. He's probably gonna take the back exit outta here, so make sure you get there before he does.
"And do not take no for an answer. That's how Leo's mom did it," he said, referencing Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio.

After the speech at NYU Tisch of Arts in New York, Sandler returned back home to Los Angeles, California where he was involved in a minor fender bender with a woman who seems to be one of his biggest fans.

Sandler was involved in this accident while traveling on San Vicente Boulevard in the affluent Brentwood, an area of Southern California.

In most cases some people would exchange insurance information and become outraged over what just happened, especially in a warm heat of Los Angeles, CA. However, that was not the case here as you can see Sandler and the women who he was involved in a collision with exchanged selfies.

Adam Sandler and the unknown women are both okay and just wanted to take some memorable selfies together and laughed about the damage on their cars. They later exchanged insurance information and went on their marry way.

Source: Daily Mail :Adam Sandler takes selfie with star-struck woman after getting into fender bender with her in LA | Daily Mail Online

This article was first on Gear Head on May 31, 2022.

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