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An awesome dad buys all six of his kids a Bugatti, but he also got himself a couple of gifts too

This father should get a "Father Of The Year" award.

I heard on a Tedx Talk that the average Bugatti owner is a billionaire, they own more than 50 cars, four private jets, and they own a yacht. Sounds like something from a game like Grand Theft Auto, but that is how rich you have to be in order to own a Bugatti hypercar in your collection. The maintenance alone on these cars are insane, an average oil change will cost you anywhere between $20,000 to $25,000. So, you need to be really wealthy to have one in your car collection.

You have to be really wealthy to buy one Bugutti, but you have to be extremely wealthy to go to Molsheim, France to visit the manufacturer to buy 6 new model Buguttis for your 6 children along with getting two for yourself.

Well, that is what one unnamed father did for his six children, all six children accompanied their father on the trip to Molsheim, France to get their sick new rides. That is a trip those kids will remember forever.

So, what type of cars did this awesome dad get for his kids?

Well automaker said the well successful car enthusiast was accompanied by all of his six children who were handed over the keys to their all-new Baby IIs. The kids opted to get their Bugatti Baby IIs in different colors, each were painted differently in White, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange and Blue.

Since the six children are not old enough to get a driver's license yet, the father got his six kiddos the Baby II edition, they’re a 75% scale car and they are fully electric. The Baby II's start at $40,000 each.

Here is a little information on the Baby II just in case we have some readers who don't know what they are.

The Baby II's are a tribute to the Bugatti Type 35 that were popular in the mid-1920s. The Baby II's were made in partnership with The Little Car Company to create toy cars for kids. The Baby II came packed with an electric powertrain and is available with either a short- or long-range battery that can give you up to 31 miles of range.

This is a creation Ettore Bugatti gifted to his youngest son Roland as well, which means these toys have historical history behind it.

What type of Bugatti's did the dad leave the dealership with?

The car enthusiast bought two Bugatti hypercars for himself, one being a Chiron Super Sport 300+ and the other is a Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition.

Here is a little knowledge for you, the Chron Super Sport 300+ was created after the Bugatti that broke the world record of breaking the 300-mile-per-hour barrier and there was only 30 vehicles made. The Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition became the world’s fastest land vehicle in 2013 by hitting speeds of up to 254.05 mph, that is just insane. If you thought the other was rare, there was only 8 ever made.

The father got both hypercars in black and orange color schemes.

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