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Checkout This 400 Horsepower Supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa

I have one word to describe this bike's power, and that is: INSANITY!

How much horsepower is to much horsepower when it comes to street bikes?

In this article we will be talking about an insane street bike that has over 400 horsepower, this bike is super-fast. The supercharger specialists over at TTS Performance are behind this build and love what they do as a living, and that clearly shows in this bike. This Suzuki Hayabusa has 401-horsepower, and you can see the power in this bike when TTS Performance takes it for a spin down an airstrip.

This TTS Performance supercharger system as seen here is something that TTS is still working on. When watching the video below, you can hear Richard Albans explain that it is a work in progress at the beginning of the video.

This is a bike in progress and when it’s finished, there will be a CNC-machined cover over the belt—but for the purposes of filming Richard Albans left it off and exposed while he talked about the bike. Some modifications include an intercooler tucked under the tank, the tank on this bike is raised about 40mm over stock fitment get more airflow, and they have added a side-mounted oil reservoir for the supercharger that can be spotted on the left side.

Before taking this Supercharged beast out to the track or in this case, to the airstrip, Albans wanted to get some data on the performance output of the bike first, and when you have a dyno test system in your shop, why not see what kind of power the bike has first.

Turn the volume down on this one, because the next bit is the dyno run with the "Busta" and Albans was satisfied with the test and takes it to the airstrip to do some speed tests and to push ‘Busa to the Max.

I think is it pretty neat that TTS has a nearby airfield that allows them to do tests like these, but this airport is also being used by actual aircrafts that need to land and take off as well... Thus, the ‘Busa didn’t even come close to its max. However, after the testing Albans said that the bike reached speeds of 145 mph at about half-throttle. This is TTS's first test with this bike and there will be more videos by them soon TTS said.

This Supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa known as the "Busa" is rolling on the stock wheelbase. The bike is also sitting at stock riding height.

Albans reports that the bike is extremely powerful and that the bike wheels leave the ground in every gear, however it is also extremely easy to control despite its powerful engine. This bike is sure to become one of a kind and it will be exciting to see what TTS does in the future with it.

You can grab a non-customized 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa on the market for roughly $18,599. The stock "Busta" can hit speeds of more than 186 mph (300 kph) and comes stock with 6 speeds with Bi-directional Quick shift System transmission and can get up and go with 187 hp.

Do you own one? Let us know in the comments section below. We would like to maybe perform our own tests, but we would like to hear some feedback beforehand.

Source: TTS 400hp supercharged Hayabusa – first test on an airfield!! - YouTube

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