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Corvette and Charger hit speeds of 140 mph in a street race, the results are devastating

Here at Gear Head, we push for safe racing. We down on Gear Heads who street race. You may like it for the thrill, or to show off, but it is not only a dumb and selfish act driven by ignorance, but a deadly one as well. If you want to race, there is a place for it, and the public roads are not the place.

This is a sad story to justify what we have stated above.

This sad story comes out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas Metro police department shared a posted on social media Thursday morning of an accident that killed two people just because a few selfish and careless fake Gear Heads thought it would be cool to street race.

Las Vegas made a statement on their Facebook page that stated that Priscila Velasquez, age 34, and Jason Quhhaar, age 34, were both killed on the scene of the crash.

Witnesses say the Corvette that they were in lost control on Jones Boulevard and crashed into an Orthodox church.

According to Metro Police, the Corvette was hitting streets of roughly 106 mph and hit approximately 140 mph moments before the fatal crash.

The Charger was also witnessed of hitting speeds of 80 mph.

The posted speed limit where they were racing was only 45 mph.

View Facebook post below.

Las Vegas Metro police said that a there was a second vehicle that was involved in racing the Corvette at the time of the crash. However, the vehicle didn't stay on the scene of the crash. This made Metro Police do a little more investigation. Metro PD was able to gain access to surveillance video to see what lead up to the crash, this is when they spot a Dodge Charger racing the couples, Corvette.

Metro police department were able to locate both the driver who goes by Monarrez and the Charger involved in the crash thanks by detectives. The driver of the charger is facing felony charges of reckless driving and street racing involving death.

View Facebook post below.

Police records state that Velasquez, Quhhaar and Monarrez all knew each other from work.

Family members of Velasquez’s says that reckless driving something Velasquez would never do.

“She is the passenger and she has no fault but here we are, we are all paying for it, and she paid for it with her life,” Claire said.

Here is what Velasquez family’s attorney had to say.

Reckless driving has needlessly taken yet another innocent life in the Las Vegas community, Priscila Velasquez. Priscila was just 34-years-old and a loving mother of two children, ages 13 and 15. Priscila was a pillar of her family, and this senseless loss has left an irreparable hole in their foundation.

Watch the video below:

This is probably a case were teenagers just wanted to have fun, show off to their friends and let lose a little with the cars they bought with their hard-earned money, however we need to teach our children that there is a place and a time if they want to race cars.

Video Source: Driver arrested, facing charges for street racing in 140 mph double-fatal crash (

This article was first on Gear Head on June 16, 2022.

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