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Super Star Car

Super Star Car is a Formula-1 racing game with a large selection of cars and many circuits. Start your career as a formula-1 driver and race your way to the championship!

How to Play Super Star Car features simple controls that allow you to drive at high speeds around corners without any trouble. Just accelerate and don’t stop until you’ve crossed the finish line!

There are several thrilling campaign races to progress through, with upgrades to boost your performance along the way. Enjoy the realistic sounds and detailed 3D graphics! You can even switch the view to set your preferred level of realism.

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  • Fully featured career mode

  • Several tracks to race on

  • Profile with detailed stats

  • In-car and 3rd-person views

  • Detailed 3D graphics

Release Date April 2021Developer


  • W or up arrow to accelerate

  • AD or left and right arrow keys to steer

  • C to change camera view

  • Spacebar to respawn position

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