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Did you know there is a classic MOPAR farm in Southwestern Ontario, Canada

This is one for the MOPAR fan for sure.

This is for the MOPAR lovers.

A lot of people love barn, garage or even yard sale finds, but what about exploring an entire property full of something you love.

As a Gear Head we are bound to love cars, but in this story we are talking about Muscle Cars. Some of us Gear Heads like Camaros, some of us love Chevelle's or both and that is okay as we don't Judge around here, but would you own more than 1 of your favorite Muscle Car? Well a man named Art loves Mopar's so much that he owns a Mopar Farm full of Classic Mopar Muscle Cars located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Some might ask why Art might have all of these cars sitting around and just rotting? Well don't start Judging just yet. Art has a really great collection of MOPARS and you can see he does take good care his stuff as you can see from the start of the tour that the owner has a never restored 1971 Plymouth Duster that is in flawless condition, it even still has its original 340ci V8 engine with a 4 barrel carb. It is that Hemi orange paint with white stripe down the sides, and white interior that makes it distinct and sharp looking.

This car is Arts pride and Joy and sits in the Garage. Even though the car has never been restored, Art did go ahead and add some modifications to the Duster and while listening to them speak in the video you can hear art tell the interviewer the Duster used to run the quarter mile in the 12s.

This Duster was also in an issue of Mopar Action Magazine back in the 90s. So this guy doesn’t neglect his cars, he takes really great care of them to the point of being showcased in popular Magazines.

In the video you can see that Art has a few other cars on his property and it would be safe to say that Art is a MOPAR fan at heart. It’s obvious he’s a big Mopar fan, not only can you tell that by the car the man owns, but the man has MOPAR stools and decorations in his outdoor man cave.

A lot of these cars can be worth a pretty penny if someone gave them some TLC and Art wants you to know that in the second video below. He knows he can’t keep or sell them all and Art talks about not having any love for some of the cars on his property, but says he wishes someone would buy them as they are and do something with them. If you watch to the end of the first video, you can see Art's shop where he has a nice engines, transmissions, and more and in the second video you can see some more parts he is sending to strap.

If you want any of Arts stuff, hurry up as supplies might run out quick.

If you would like to contact Art: Email Phone or Text 519-791-1020.

1ST Video: MOPAR Tour

2ND Video: Here is a video of the Mopar Farm two years later.

Source: 519AutoTech

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