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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Almost Crashes Head On With Another Car During A Street Race

Keep it on the strip.

This story comes from a post on Instagram that was shared by (mopar.angel). Not sure how old this article really is, but it comes to show that racing at a red light is a bad idea.

The post shows a black Hellcat lined up with a Porsche Macan and a Ford F-150 at a Red Light, who knows what caused them to all three want to race, but they did once the light turned green.

The video uploaded on Instagram by "mopar.angel", was filmed by someone behind them. We assume that there was some sort of rubber burning or revving of engines to cause the driver to want to take out their phone to record, whatever it was the driver knew that some stuff was gonna go down. We are not sure if the person or persons recording knew one of the drivers or not, but they sure got great footage of what played out.

As seen in the video, once the light turns green the F-150 driver takes the lead in the race and kept going even after the Challenger almost crashed head on with another car in the southbound lane. There is no audio in the video that was shared on social media, so we won't be able to hear any tire chirping to determine if the driver did a hard launch or not.

In the video below you will see that the Macan accelerated smoothly on launch, the F-150 nailed it and took the lead and the Dodge Challenger driver must of gave it so much juice, probably to show that his Mopar can win them in the race.

As the Mopar leaps into second place, the Challenger suddenly starts to swerve slightly to the left and the driver overcorrects it a little to much causing the car to then swerve to into the right lane, forcing the oncoming car to slam on their brakes to avoid a near collision, he was mere inches of crashing into that oncoming car.

Once the Challenger avoided the near head on collision, he then is seen doing a spin out passed the car he almost crashed into and driving head on towards oncoming traffic before pulling into a nearby parking lot, probably to check his pants for mud stains.

If this article wasn't useful for you, then look at it as a way of us saying that street racing on public streets is dangerous and shouldn't be done on public roads unless having the proper permits.

God gave man the idea to build drag strips for this very reason.

Source: Mopars-Srt (@mopar.angel) • Instagram photos and videos

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