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First Annual Drive Out Domestic Violence Car Show In Ontario, Oregon

Update: Get ready for the second Annual Drive Out Domestic Violence Car Show Happening on May 22, 2022, in Ontario, Oregon. We will be there to cover the whole thing again and to take some awesome photos and videos for our community.

Learn more about the Second Annual event here and to checkout times, dates and the location of the event.

The thread below was originally posted on May 22, 2021.


Hey everyone, Gear Head here. I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend so far.

Did you hear about a Car Show happening in Ontario, OR today? We did. We heard about the Car Show Saturday on social media. However, the post had no photos, videos or any other information other than; "There is a car show going on in Ontario, OR behind Rite-Aid", and of course being the Gear Heads we're, we went out to go check it out.

The Car Show was located at 812 SW 4th Ave in Ontario, Oregon just right behind Rite-Aid.

Now in the video I had no idea that this event was in support of a cause until I seen the booths up against Rite-Aid's building and saw Project Dove signs with them. I just assumed it was a random Car Meet where we can go to meet and network with great people.

Once we saw the booths, we just had to find out what the Car Show was in honor for. So, we asked someone at the Car Show if they knew what the Car Show was for, and they replied saying the Car Show was put on by Project Dove.

Who is Project Dove?

Project DOVE is a nonprofit organization that provides services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, teen dating violence and stalking in Malheur County. The mission of the organization is to break the cycle of domestic and sexual violence in our community through awareness, prevention, and intervention. Read More Here.

When I got in contact with Terry Basford who is the Executive Director and the wonderful lady who is to thank for putting on this car show. She told me that this particular Car Show is to "Drive Out Domestic Violence and to bring awareness to Project Dove's Purple Ribbon Partnership Program."

The Purple Ribbon Partner Program is a program that businesses can participate in. When you become a partner you place a PURPLE RIBBON in the windows of your business. This gives individuals who are involved in a domestic situation the sign that there is a SAFE PLACE somewhere within that building. There they will be protected until someone can come get them and bring them to a SAFE HOUSE or Shelter where they can get help.

While I spoke with Terry Basford, she said that this event is set to occur every year around Memorial Day Weekend. This one was on May 22, 2021, if that gives you an idea. We always post events we are going to be involved in here on the site and on social media 3-Months prior to any event we attend. That gives our followers a pretty good heads-up period.

The rain I was told kind of knocked this years event out for the count, but despite the challenging weather Terry, her staff from Project Dove and a few car lovers still stuck it out to spread awareness for the Purple Ribbon Partner Program.

We have attached a flyer to this years event below.

Below was a quick live stream to let everyone know that there was a car show in town.

Watch for some videos where we chat with the owners of some of these rides to get the story and build history behind them. - Click the Facebook Icon to watch on Facebook for better video quality.

Below is some photos of the cool classic and modern cars that attended the Car Show in support of Project Dove's Purple Ribbon Partner Program.

View more photos of the car show on our FACEBOOK Page below.

Okay, as you may of heard in the video. I love Classic cars and I favor the Classic Corvette more than the new one. Well, a fan from the event who knew us is in favor of the modern Corvette more than the Classic. So help us break the tie here. What do you prefer? The classic Corvette or the new Corvette?

For more information on this event, you can visit:

This article was first on Gear Head on May 22, 2021.

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