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Florida State Trooper goes head on with a drunk driver

Here at Gear Head, we believe in honoring those who have went above and beyond to serve and protect us from our worst nightmares. The men and women in blue who do good and live by their oath to protect and preserve life deserves to be recognize. So that is why we have a "Nominate A Hero" chat category.

Today we are honoring Trooper Tonu Schuch for her heroism. As a Police Officer, your duty is to protect and preserve life, this is a fine example of that here.

The last-minute decision to stop this drunk driver with her own patrol vehicle could have saved many innocent lives.

Officer Schuch is being recognized for her heroism and bravery for placing herself directly in harm's way of this drunk driver. The driver of the pick-up was heading towards countless of innocent bystanders who were participating in a 10K race.

It is a honor to honor Trooper Schuck! Thank You!


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