Updated: Oct 6

It is September and we're still sweating buckets, but lets not forget that we are just 16 days away from being in FALL and that winter is 2 months away. With that being said, Gear Head is putting on a Winter Coat Drive for the Youth and the Homeless.

We're not just a brand full of Gear Heads, we're a brand full of Gear Heads with HEARTS.

So if you have a coat of any size that is not being used, please let us know.

Lets keep our families and communities warm this WINTER.


We're currently working with local companies to setup Drop-Off Location in the Ontario Oregon area.

If you're not a Ontario, OR Resident, that is not a problem. We will still cover your back or help you cover someone elses this winter.

If you need a coat or are in a position to donate one? Click Here.

Set-In on our livestream this Friday at 5PM MST to hear what we have to say about our Coat Drive. We will also share some details about drop-off location in our area and what you can do if you don't live near us, but need or can donate a coat.

Checkout the livestream video here.

Thanks You,

Gear Head