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Harley Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcycle

Everything and everyone are going electric, even Harley Davidson.

A company called LiveWire Group Inc, is responsible for this all-new Electric Harley. This is a new one for me, I wonder what Paul Teutul Sr. thinks about this.

LiveWire Group Inc teamed up with Harley-Davidson Inc. to create their first electric motorcycle in 2019 and the bike was priced at $30,000, the two brands teamed up again in 2021 to create the standalone brand which sold for $22.799.

This bike is meant to appeal to younger and newer generation of riders.

LiveWire and Harley Davidson kept the newer generation of riders in mind when designing this electrified motorcycle. For new riders the challenges of managing the clutch and throttle to shift gears can be challenging, and if this is the case for you, then this would be the perfect starter bike for you.

Gear Head doesn't stand corrected when we say LiveWire and Harley Davidson was thinking of the newer riders with this bike, as it is a "grip-and-go" fully automatic electric motorcycle.

Not only are they focusing on new riders, LiveWire and Harley Davidson wants this bike to attract their loyal existing customers as well.

"Alongside our existing loyal riders, we will lead the next revolution of two-wheeled freedom to inspire future riders who have yet to even think about the thrill of riding," said Harley-Davidson president and CEO Matt Levatich at the time of the launch.

Harley Davidson is a company that was founded in Milwaukee, USA in 1903, the company is still manufacturing motorcycles there tell this day. Harley Davidson has the reputation of making big, powerful and loud bikes, but there is also a calling for electric motorcycles within the riding community.

Electric motorcycles however could end up being dangerous for the rider, as other drivers on the road may not hear the rider cruising down the road. The rider may also not realize the bike is on, which could result in the rider flipping the throttle and rocking the rider away.

With Harley Davidson and LiveWire taking that into consideration, an early LiveWire bike was said to sound like a "jet-fighter engine."

This LiveWire Harley Davidson bike though has a pulsing sensation that lets the rider know it is on and ready to roll. The pulse is rhythmic, but faint and runs through the bike when it is idling. Riders say the feeling is similar to the vibrations you would get from riding a gas-powered hog.

There is no doubt that Harley Davidson left some heritage behind on this bike as well, just look at the orange and black paint job, it clearly matches their legendary Harley Davidson logo.

The tanks charging port makes this electric bike look like a gas-powered bike at first glance, fooling your friends in thinking you got a gas-powered motorcycle.

The LiveWire Harley Davidson electric motorcycle has a permanent magnet electric motor that gives this bike incredible torque that can make this bike go from 0-60 mph in just three seconds, crazy right? This bike can push out 105 hp and 86 lb-ft of torque, so don't let this bike being electric fool you in thinking it is weak.

What is the expects range?

This bike has an estimated range of 146 miles (235 km) when traveling on city roads and 95 miles on the highway.

What is the price of this bike?

This bike is priced at $29,799, but depends on dealer and other important factors, like if the bike is used, miles and more. So be careful when you're shopping for one if interested.

You can grab the LiveWire Electric motorcycle in three different colors: Vivid Black, Orange Fuse, and Yellow Fuse.

The lower-priced electric LiveWire motorcycle, known as the S2 Del Mar, will go on sale next spring of 2023.

There will be other models that are lighter, smaller and designed to be "even more accessible" to newer riders wanting a good riding experience. Specifications on the LiveWire's vary, and the horsepower are not yet made public as far as we know.

Model Overview

  • Price: $ 29,799

  • Key Features:

  • Lightweight Frame

  • Traction control

  • LED Lighting

Key Specs

  • Engine type: Electric

  • Power: 105 hp

  • Wet weight: 549 lbs

  • Seat height: 30 in

Key Competitors

  • 2020 Energica EsseEsse9

  • 2020 Zero SR/F

Source: 2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire Review | First Ride - YouTube

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