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VIDEO: Idaho State Trooper Leaps To Safety On I-84

This is an older article, but it is a good one to look back on to reflect how our First Responders put everything on the line, this is more than a job, it is a calling.

This video shows an Idaho State Police Trooper jumping over a concrete barrier to reach safety and to avoid being hit by a truck that didn't follow the "Move Over Law" on I-84 in Meridan Idaho, the Trooper was taken to the hospital Wednesday morning with minor injuries and is going to be okay.

We as drivers should be paying more attention to street laws, not only to avoid a ticket, but to save a life.

Idaho State Police are going to be focusing their time to crack down on drivers that don't follow the move over law after Wednesdays close call.

"During traffic stops, we're really focusing on watching for cars that aren't moving over for the traffic stop that's occurring on the median or the shoulder," said ISP Sgt. Brandalyn Crapo.

Crapo says law enforcement deals with this issue on a regular basis.

"We see a huge problem where we have troopers on traffic stops, and vehicles aren't following the Idaho move over law," Crapo said.

For those who have not heard of the "Move Over Law", here is your chance to learn.

The "Move Over" law makes it a requirement for drivers to merge lanes if possible or to reduce the speed below the posted speed limit sign while approaching a traffic stop or emergency vehicles on the side of the road/in the emergency lane.

Drivers who fail to follow this law will could face a $90 fine and a speeding ticket.

Crapo believes this is more than just a speeding ticket.

"When you've got an individual standing on the side of the road, their life is at risk during that traffic stop," Crapo said.
"We don't want anyone to have to live with the fact that they caused a crash, severely injured someone, or ultimately took someone's life for not moving over when they should have."

Below is the video.

Below are some images of the aftermath.

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