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Introducing The Gear Head Wish List Page

While performing some maintenance on the website tonight we came across a FEEDBACK tab, not only saying that our checkout was glitching on them again for the second week this time while buying something, but recommended that we offer a "Wishlist". So what did we do? We did exactly that. The 'My Wishlist' is now available on our website.

When visiting the 'My Wishlist' you can add items to your wish list that you would like to purchase in the future. You could use the wish list to add Birthday and Holiday gifts to buy for your loved ones.


The 'My Wishlist' page is connected to your 'My Profile', so you'll have to be signed in to use these features.

You can view product and service discounts on the bottom of the page. If you're facing a struggling time and want a gift for a loved one and or need a service done before payday, contact us using the chat icon on the button on the right hand side of the website to see what we can do for you. The chat feature can be seen on every page across this website.


There will be a blue circle and within side that circle is a red heart, that icon is the 'My Wishlist' button. Click that to add products into your 'My Wishlist' cart.


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