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Jeep’s first ever electric vehicle will be released in 2023

This new Jeep looks like a version of the Jeep Cherokee, huh? What do you think?

It is only a matter of time until electric cars overtake internal combustion power. Jeep, a car company owned by Stellantis, revealed their first ever photos of its upcoming electric Jeep SUV. No vehicle details including its name has been released yet, but here is what we know so far.

Since there is not a whole lot of information on the new 2023 Jeep, we do know that this Jeep is heading to the global SUV market and will launch in 2023.

Jeep is slower to embrace E-Cars, compared to other competitors in the market, this may because CEO Carlos Tavares has expressed his unhappiness about manufacturing electric cars for years now.

Just because CEO Carlos Tavares doesn't like to manufacture e-vehicles, doesn't mean that the company doesn't have a few up their sleeve.

Jeep has a full line of plug-in hybrid Jeep Wranglers and Grand Cherokee, the company also plans to create an off-roading version of the Grand Cherokee, jeep also has a hybrid powered Trailhawk.

The Jeep SUV that has yet to be released however will be Jeep’s first ever battery-electric vehicle that will touch their showroom.

There is no information regarding the car's components, power levels or battery specs at this moment.

The Jeep EV will most likely run on Stellantis’ STLA platform, this is one out of four platforms the manufacture plans to use on their upcoming lineup of EVs.

Jeep recently made a statement saying that they plan to release “zero-emission” versions of all of their vehicles by 2025 and will offer plug-hybrid variants as well.

"This new model will launch during the first half of next year and is the first of a comprehensive fully electric Jeep lineup that will cover every SUV segment by 2025," CEO of Jeep Tavares confirms.

This means that there will be only one electric SUV released by the manufacture in 2023, and I bet they will hold off on creating another for 4 years until they have fully developed their "zero-emission" vehicles.

Here are some images we have found on the web that show what the new Jeep will look like.

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