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Karen Complains That Her Neighbors Chevy Nova SS Is Too Loud

Have you ever been woken up by a roster? What about a Muscle car? I guess this neighbor had it with having to wake up to this man's American Horsepower alarm clock. I wonder if she would have done the same thing to him if he had a dozen rosters waking her up at the butt crack of dawn.

I don't think I have had a neighbor this unneighborly? I mean this man has to get to work in the morning just like she does. It isn't his fault that he has a taste for American Muscle, and we all know that American Muscle roars the song of our people.

Not everyone is a fan of the sound of loud Muscle cars.

Here is the video.

No matter where you live, unless you live in Country or on property away from neighbors, you will always have certain neighbors complaining about something, and in most cases, it is about load cars. It is like you have to own an electric car that sounds like a bee flying by your head in order for no one to complain these days.

It looks like Michael Matthew’s had a bad neighbor encounter on the morning an unwelcomed Karen came knocking on his door to tell him that his 1965 Chevy Nova SS Hot Rod is way to loud and that she can hear it in the mornings.

Karen was unaware that the whole interaction was caught on a doorbell camera. This is why I have a camera at my door too, not to just catch unruly neighbors, but to watch out for my neighbors as well.

I don't think there is anything more annoying than having a neighbor like this. Male or Female, these are adults who have not grown up yet.

In this word exchange you will be confused by a lot of things, one of them being how the owner of the Chevy Nova, Michael Matthew, keeps stating that his Nova is a “race car," and the other being that Karen is not entirely clear what she wants Matthew to do about the noise of his car. You can hear in the video that Karen says his car goes against local noise ordinances.

Matthews Nova SS is a stunning one at that. It features a sweet Pearl Tangelo Orange paint job with blowers coming through the hood to cool the big 548 Chevy Big Block V8 engine hiding under the hood. Matthew also states that the Nova has an automatic transmission, brodix heads, a Ford 9-inch rear with 3.90 gears.

The Chicago resident has recently nicknamed his car the “Karen’s nightmare.”

This is after several questions were asked from his followers after Matthew posted his Karen video.

A decibel reader is later used by Matthew to see just how loud his car really is. The meter is placed about ten feet away from his car, and it still registers at about 99 decibels. Which is mad news for Matthew, and for any Muscle car owner in the Chiago area.

Based on Noise Pollution Clearinghouse, cars are not allowed to generate more than 55 decibels within any residential unit from 9 pm to 8 am in Chicago neighborhoods.

I guess 99 decibels is pretty load, as Karen was able to hear it from within her home.

In Michael Matthew videos, he says he doesn’t use his Chevy Nova SS as a daily commuter, but he does go on to say that he drives it “more often (than) most people drive their toy cars.” So, it is safe to say that he is hinting that he leaves to work in the morning in his Hot Rob enough to piss off his neighbors.

With all this being said, Gear Head would like to say that we don't agree with Matthew's behavior and actions that he does with his car on his YouTube channel. The unpermitted street racing and burnout videos on his channel are something we don't approve of.

Save it for the track.

His channel can serve as an educational platform, one that shows that as car enthusiasts we can have fun, but we have to be responsible as well. People like Matthew can damage the reputation of what us car enthusiasts stand for. If we don't take the responsibilities of being a car enthusiast seriously we can run in to the risk of turning the public against the hobby. I also have to say that some people just need to take a chill pill and loosen up a little, as life is to short to always act like your panties are in a wad.

Source: midwest street racing - YouTube

Article was first on Gear Head December 5, 2023.

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