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Listen to the Bugatti Bolide's 1850hp Quad-Turbo W-16 engine

I will have to agree with the guys over at NM2255 YouTube channel on this one. "This is the loudest Bugatti start up I've ever heard!" I mean I love muscle cars and the sound of a Chevelle anyday of the week, but man the start-up of this car turned my Gears and got the blood pumping for sure. I am almost jealous of NM2255 because they got to witness such an awesome thing.

This Bolide was introduced in Oct, 2020 and is the most extreme car that the French luxury car manufacturer Bugatti has ever built, unfortunately this car is not street-legal and can only be driven on the track. The Bugatti Bolide has no sort of obstructions or muffling in the exhaust at all. Since this was made for the track, the company didn't have to follow any type of emissions or sound regulation laws. However the sound of the 1850-horsepower quad-turbo W-16 Engine alone makes that just A-Okay actually.

This thing is literally a rocket. The Bolide has an extremely lightweight chassis that weighs only 2,733 pounds with a whopping 1,824 horsepower, which is 200 HP more than the Chiron Super Sport. The Bolide can reach speeds up to 310 mph.

While the NM2255 YouTube channel was at the 2021 Milano Monza Motor Show, they got the chance to give the world the first look at the car. They got to show us everything from the Bolide's ultra-aggressive aeronautical design to the cool sleek looking X-shaped taillight.

When the employees of Bugatti went over to start up the car, you can see the audience just about jump as if they were surprised or startled.

Watch the video below.

What are your thoughts? Did you love the sound of the Engine or have you heard better? Let us know in a comment below or on any of our social media pages.

Sources: NM2255

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