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More Ford Mustang S650 Designs Leaked By Spy

Photo Credit: TheSketchMonkey

Remember the article that Gear Head did a few months back in regard to the first ever Spy photos being released of this 2024 Ford Mustang S650? Well, we have some more design details about the beast.

Even though the launch of this American Muscle car is expected to be released as early as next year as a 2024 model, it has been making appearances and headlines everywhere on the internet.

This all new S650 Ford Mustang has been shown to us only in camouflage, which I can see why as the company doesn't want anyone to see their work until it is on the showroom floor.

Ford's camouflage isn't thick enough as a YouTuber from TheSketchMonkey was able to make out some minor details about how the new S650 Mustang might look like.

The S650 Ford Mustang looks more like a sports car than a muscle car, however it does hold some of the Mustang features.

TheSketchMonke states in the video that the cars profile doesn’t appear to be different from the S550 Mustang. This is something that we have said in the past as well on our last article about this Stang.

TheSketchMonkey's mainly covered the front of the Mustang S650, which was inspired by the Mustang Mach-E. You will also get a first glance on what the mirrors on this all-new car might look like.

Marouane Bembli compares the current generation of the Ford Mustang with what the new future generation Ford S650 could look like.

In the video you will notice that the headlights on the Mustang S650 are similar to the ones on the Mach-E. Ford did make one little change to the lights thought, they made each of the three lights look like one connected unit and did away with the three individual lights setup.

The Ford Mustang S650 might be supporting a sportier look compared to the previous muscle car types, but you have to take into consideration that this is just a person's theory of what the car will look like. No one besides the people behind S650 Mustang will know what look the car will look like until it debuts. We do know that there is word saying the S650 Mustang will have a hybrid power and full gasoline opinion.

The Mustang S650 will be Fords newest Mustang in nearly a decade.

Source: TheSketchMonkey - YouTube

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