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Motorcycle Stunt Gone Wrong

As a Gear Head you're bound to love motorcycles, you may even ride one on the daily, but are you careless when you ride or are you mindful of the other riders and drivers around you on the road?

In the videos provided below you will see a motorcycle accident which could of turned fatal, as you can see the rider involved was on fire along with his bike.

This motorcycle crash happened July 10, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois as riders that were apart of this ride were making their way along their route as a solo rider attempted a "left-hand drag wheelie." While the rider was attempting the stunt on a road congested with other riders and drivers he crashed his bike which dragged for several feet in flames before coming to a rest, the rider can also be seen rolling while on fire.

There is a place and a time to perform such stunts, the roadways is not the place.

A report by CBS 2 news reports that a female driver in front of the crash felt that her life was in danger.

What do you think of bikers that perform stunts like this with your family traveling on the road?

We support what bikers who stand for a cause do and we have nothing against the normal daily rider, but I mean these bikers have family and friends traveling on the road too, it makes no sense to ride so carelessly like this. They're not just risking their own lives, but are playing Russian roulette with other peoples lives as well.

Below is footage captured by a rider whom I am sure wasn't expecting to catch such an event on video.

Here is another view from a rider who caught the crash while it was happening in front of him.

What do you think about the videos?

Sources: Moto FPV - @Midgetman.219

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