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Police Chase Leads To Man Snapping A Power Pole Leaving 258 Without Power

(Mara Kirby Garcia photo)
(Mara Kirby Garcia photo)

This is an old story that we did back in March 2022, but it is a good one to reflect back on to remind yourself that it is never worth it to run from the Police. You can cost so much mess and heartache over one selfish decision.

Updated story 3/14/22. Kathleen Hill, 68 of Ontario who was driving the van that was hit by Nicholas Acevez, the eluder is set to be released from the Hospital either today or tomorrow.

Hill had sustained 3 cracked ribs, 2 lumbar fractures, 1 sternum fracture and is pretty bruised up.

There is also an update on Nicholas Acevez, the man who let Police on this pursuit. Acevez broke his tibia, he dislocated his ancle and his suffering from chest pressure.

The neighbors who had their window broken by debris from the crash, which was glass that we now know, which caused small injuries to the people who were inside the house at the time of the chase/crash.

The neighbors near the home that had its window broken by glass suffered the loss of 2 vehicles and another vehicle is badly damaged.


Original Story 3/13/22. There are two people still remaining in a Boise, ID Hospital, and the power has been restored to all 258 residents after a Police chase in Ontario, Oregon on Saturday evening.

When you're driving during your daily commute, you're expected to stumble upon a crash or two in your lifetime but seeing a Police chase ending with the eluder crashing into a van which caused a chain reaction crash with several parked cars and snapping a power pole leaving 258 without power is a different story.

(Mara Kirby Garcia photo)
(Mara Kirby Garcia photo)

This incident all occurred because one man didn't want to stop for authorizes, which shows guilt right away.

The drivers' selfish acts not only hurt himself, but he also put other people's lives on the line.

A statement from Sgt. Dave Walters from the Ontario Oregon Police Department on Sunday underlines details about the chase.

"Nicholas, who was driving a Mercedes with Idaho plates took off on the officer who tried to stop his vehicle at the 700 block of Northwest Second Street, north of downtown Ontario, Oregon."

The reason for the stop was not disclosed. We will keep you updated.

When Nicholas saw the Officer attempting to perform a traffic stop on him on the 700 block of Northwest Second Street, in Ontario, he got scared and pushed the Mercedes to the max leading the pursuing officer to terminate his pursuit due to the safety of others.

In a statement the officer stopped the pursuit “due to the speed and the residential location of the pursuit."

Although the officer had good intensions, it didn't pay off as the driver of the Mercedes caused thousands of dollars in property damage and harmed innocent lives.

Nicholas didn't care that the Police backed off as he was still driving recklessly throughout the town, blowing stop lights, streets signs and ignoring the safety of innocent people on the sidewalks and roadways.

Eluding Officers never pay off, you're either going to get hurt, hurt someone else and if you get away, you will be found. In this case this person hurt a person driving a van and himself, he also caused hundreds to be without power.

The driver, Nicholas wasn't going to get away even after Officers called off the chase, as he will later need their help at the intersection of Southwest Second Street and Fifth Avenue as he had collided with a van driven by Kathleen Hill, 68, of Ontario which caused a chain reaction with three parked cars before slipping a power pole in half. Videos below.

Fun fact: Telephone poles are supposed to break on impact.

The power company hard at work to restore power.

Video credit: Cliff Hannold

A resident who lives close to the scene of the crash reported that vehicle parts from the crash had gone through the window of their neighbor's house.

It is also said that a cat was killed in this crash. Witnesses say there was a lot of drugs that were found by police in the car.

Kathleen Hill, 68 and Nicholas Acevez, 37 were both taken to a local hospital, before being transported to another hospital in Boise, ID for further treatment.

Criminal charges are yet to be released, but we do know his name is Nicholas Acevez, 37, of Ontario.

We will update this article once we know the charges that are pending against Acevez. I bet eluding officers won't be his biggest problems, let's say that much.

Here are some images of the crash and aftermath.

Updates for this story will be updated above the original thread.

Source: (Mara Kirby Garcia photos) - Gear Head

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This article was first on Gear Head on March 13, 2022

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