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Refill your oil without a funnel life hack

Photo Credit: Digital Creator, Cliff Hannold.

This Gear Head hack will both save you time and money as you will never have to look for or buy another oil funnel ever again.

All you need for this hack is some patience and a steady hand and all that is required to successfully do this hack is oil and an oil dipstick. Your vehicle should already have a dipstick, if not then you better get one as it can cause serve engine damage.

We all know stuff happens in life.

Luckily for us we didn't need to add any oil to my car, this is why I didn't add much oil to the vehicle shown in this video. I only created this video in order to pass on good advice because well, you never know when you might end up needing to put oil in your car and don't have access to a funnel at the moment.

Watch the video below for further explanation on how to get oil into your engine without having any type of funnel or pouring which can result in an oily mess all over your engine block.

I am not sure how this witchery magic works, but it worked. There was no mess whatsoever and the oil just ran down the dipstick as it was a car driving down a freshly paved road, just smooth as can be.


Video created no damage to our company car; this is a video that was created for educational purposes by Gear Head Media.

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