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The 1968 "Corrupt Mustang"

If you are a Ford Mustang fan, you will know that the first-generation Mustang is a pretty common car on American roads, and it doesn't really catch your eye more than any other 1st-generation Mustang honestly unless you've got some serious money under the hood or invested in modifications. However, one Mustang Coupe has really caught our attention.

Say hello to the "Corrupt Mustang".

American Legends took this '68 'Stang to a whole new level and will for sure catch more eyes than any other first-generation Mustang out there.

This 1969 Mustang Coupe wasn't just meant to catch your eye with its yellow Ferrari 4.3l V8 engine that can serves up 700HP, but it was added for practical reasons as well. The builder stated that he needed a more smaller engine so that he wouldn't have to cut into the suspension towers, as he said he wanted to install air suspensions to the car.

The 1968 Ford Mustang coupe which has been infused with Italian horsepower was built by American Legends in Phoenix, Arizona. The Mustang sits on a 2.5 inch custom body which rests on 'Ridetech Shockwave air ride suspension systems'. They have added a smooth set of Avant Garde Wheels wrapped in Toyo Tires 'R888Rs', and 14" yellow Wilwood Disc Brakes tucked just right behind those sexy rims.

This machine as mentioned above was infused with a Ferrari 4.3l V8 engine, the motor was recovered from a totaled 2009 Ferrari F430 which has been remade to a T56 transmission with a S1 Sequential Shifter. The builder took a intake manifold from a Ferrari California to modify because it was said the F430 piece would not fit properly due it being intended for a mid-engine chassis.

Some other modifications include a small roof chop and boxed in fenders. Inside the car is custom 3D-printed and is wrapped in carbon fiber to meet a sleek racing style. You will also find that the leatherwork inside is very genuine.

To add a cherry on top of an already delicious desert, this custom Mustang Coupe is mirrored with Nelson Racing Engine twin turbos, sexy right?

View the gallery below.

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