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Someone created art with a classic VW Bug and a Karmann Ghia

Spider Mountain - Weiser, Idaho
This is something you would probably see on Stranger Things.

When you hear someone talking about Spider Mountain, you may be thinking of a mountain that is full of creepy crawly spiders, but it isn't what you think.

In fact, the Mountain does have spiders on top of it, but these spiders are not the normal spiders you would see crawling under your bed in dark spaces or the one that lingers on your car door when you want to open it, but these spiders are made out of scrap metal and classic VW cars.

These classic VW cars use to set on some private land in Wolf Creek, Oregon just off Frontage Road, however the two giant VW insect art sculptures were relocated and now sit on top of a hillside/mountain on some private property in Weiser, Idaho.

Wolf Creek, Oregon just off Frontage Road - Year 2017

Even though the 8-legged Volkswagen spider cars are located on private land in Weiser, Idaho... You can still see them from the roadway. The mountain in which these cars are located on in Weiser, ID is known to the community as "Spider Mountain."

Gear Head had to do some digging and found out that these cool art pieces were both designed by an art sculpturer in Oregon and has been reported by

The VW Bug spider sculpture was also entered in a photoshop contents 2020 and well, some are pretty creative. Check them out in the gallery below.

Gear Head has attempted to learn more about these cars, like who built them, why and how they were built, but residents tell us when they try to get details, they get met with unpleasantness from the owner and they will also call the cops on you. Which makes sense as it is private property. So, if you see these awesome art pieces on your journey to wherever, we recommend that your obverse them from a distance.

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