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Sprint Boat Speedway coming to Ontario, Oregon in 2022

Jason Miller/Argus Observer

Update 6/8/22.

Races will be held on Saturday June 11, 2022, but you can spectate the races test their boats on Friday 10, 2022.

The cost of entry is as follows.

Children 5 and under: Free for both days.

Youth 6-12: $5

Adults: $10 to see the testing on Friday and $30 for the race on Saturday.


Original thread.

A small Western City located in Ontario, Oregon will be replacing their inactive Golf course with a Speedway, but not just any speedway, a Sprint Boat Speedway is what is in the works.

I expect this to be a big hit and attraction for those boat and racing enthusiast in the entire Western region. I also see it drawling in visitors from other regions and Countries who are into the sport as well.

This Speedway will also be a family and spectator friendly track.

Jason Miller/Argus Observer

The track is going to be roughly 400ft long and roughly 350ft wide and will have turns and embankments.

As stated before, the Speedway will be a spectator friendly Speedway. The track will be surrounded by a safety fence that stands 8ft tall and will stretch around Speedway to protect on lookers.

There are more safety plans in place to help protect guests who are there to spectate, this includes grassy berms.

Spectators will be able to view the Speedway while standing on 8-12ft tall, 20-50ft wide grassy berms

This track is going to have all the works.

The Boat Speedway will have an announcing booth along with a scoring board to help spectators stay up to date with the race.

There is going to be space for sponsored booths and food venders as well. This will be great for local businesses.

The Speedway will have an area for the participants to camp along with their own private parking. There is also going to an area where visitors can park.

The track will have an area where racers can make a pit stop too.

The first races are set for 2022.

The first set of races to come to this track are expected to on June 3-4 and on September 30th, 2022.

“Sprint boat racing is incredibly exciting to watch, The top tier boats put out over 1,500 horsepower and weigh less than 1,200 pounds; they are wild and exotic, with some of them costing over $100,000 to build. They accelerate from 0 to 100 mph instantly and can pull up to 7 g’s in the turns. Some say that this is as close to flying a fighter jet as a civilian can get, and they are tricky to drive, with crashes being common. The track will have grassy, sloped berms on three sides, which will offer perfect views of the racing, and people can bring canopies and chairs to use to enjoy the action. We know that the sprint boat races that were held near Marsing about 20 years ago, were extremely popular. We are looking for those fans, who were disappointed when the Marsing track closed down in 2008 and we will also appeal to the many thousands of local fans who have attended the nearby Big Nasty Hillclimb for many years.” - Said Event Spokesmen Ron Dillion.

We will continue to update this article as we learn more about this topic.

This article was first on Gear Head on 4/25/22.

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