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Steve-O spent 14 hours in and on his Tesla 120 feet in the sky as a part of his "Bucket List Tour"

Yeah Dude!! Steve-O stands on top of his Tesla 14-feet in the sky.

We all know Steve-O for doing crazy things, take one of his stunts from Jackass 3D for example, where Steve-O was shot into the sky while strapped inside a porta potty during a stunt called the "poo cocktail supreme," and well if you haven't seen that stunt, let's just say it isn't for those with a weak stomach. You can watch the "poo cocktail supreme" stunt performed by Steve-O who is a professional below.

Steve-O is always trying to outdo his last stunt and is always looking for ways to shock his audience on social media, his recent Social Media posts from his "Bucklet List Tour" stop in Las Vegas, Nevada can prove just that as you can see him suspended in the air by a crane while standing on top of his new Red Tesla Model Y outside the UFC Apex building in Las Vegas, Neveda.

This is a stunt that was a part of his "Bucklet List Tour." You can see his tour dates below.

A normal truck crane, take the "Crawler" for example can reach heights as high as 700 feet, however that doesn't seem to be how high Steve-O is, but it paints a picture on how high he could be. Which looks pretty high, see for yourself in the image below.

Steve-O is extended above the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Image shows Steve-O is extended above the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You can see Steve-O standing on top of his Tesla in a "What's Up" or "Rock On" stance prior to his 14/hr. stay inside and outside his Tesla. This gives a whole new meaning to "Hotel in the sky".

That sunroof Steve-O is standing on is cracked and taped and his doors are taped as well, one can only imagine how it got that way as the car didn't seem to look that way prior to being extended in the sky.

The image below looks like the vehicle has no damage at all, but you be the judge of that. Was the damage already there, or was Steve-O just being Steve-O? LOL.

Steve-O's new Tesla Model Y before being suspended 120ft in the sky
Steve-O's new Tesla Model Y before being suspended 120ft in the sky

Inside Tesla lays a bed in the trunk where Steve-O can rest and relax during his 14/hr. stay in the sky.

See the full story that was uploaded to Steve-O's YouTube channel.

Special Clip: Poo Cocktail Supreme Stunt.

If you are reading this and have somehow invested "smell vision" then I would recommend turning it off as I can already smell this video through my screen, and then sharing your invention with the world afterwards of course, LOL.

Wanna see Steve-O? Here is his event schedule and dates.

Buy tickets here - Steve-O schedule, dates, events, and tickets - AXS

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