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Custom Ferrari 308 GTE VS Original 1980 Testarossa Ferrari In A Drag Race

If you love drag racing, then checkout this Ferrari battle, it looks like something straight out of a 1980s movie.

If these cars were to race side by side in their stock form it wouldn't be that much of a show. The reason is that the more powerful and younger brother Testarossa with 385 horsepower (287 kilowatts) and 4.9-liter flat-12 engine would just walk away from its younger brother the 308 GTB with 200 hp (149 kilowatts) and a 2.9-liter V8 engine without taking a breath afterwards.

If you wanted to reverse the results of that then there will have to be some hardcore modifications done to the 308 GTB or to the Testarossa. That is what happened. The original 308's V-8 engine was removed and replaced with a high-performance electric powertrain by Tesla. A U.K.-based Electric Classic Cars company is responsible for the swapped. This now makes the Ferrari 308 GTB a GTE, the "E" meaning electric. With the new powertrain in the 308, this will produce 450hp and 442lb-ft of torque. The engine trade made the car more lighter than it was in its original form. That is pretty cool, right?

With the 308 GTB going to a 308 GTE, this will mean it will deliver more power, torque and will be more light-weight then the Ferrari Testarossa going into the match. So with those stats the Ferrari 308 just might overtake the Testarossa on the drag strip, but the video by CarWow will only tell who will win.

What Gear Head doesn't love to watch classic cars go down a open stretch of pavement with no restrictions or rules other than playing it safe and having fun? I know I do.

As mentioned above, if drag racing is something you enjoy watching, then this one may be worth watching or bookmarking for later.

In the left corner we have a blast from the past, a Ferrari 308, born in the 1970s. This sports car was also brought into the '80s as it has several rolls on the popular TV shows like Magnum P.I. for example, and in the other corner is a Ferrari Testarossa, this is a sportscar that was made in 1984 and will forever be known for its role in the crime drama Miami Vice.

The 308 had no idea what it was up against. Even though the overall car stats between the 308 and the Testarassa say the 308 had a better chance of winning, the Testaroassa right from the the start single handily overtook the 308 GTB. As you can see in the video when the 308 was given a head start, it was still futile as it just couldn't hold up to the Testarossa. This concludes that the Telsa powertrain 308 GTB Ferrari was no match for the original '80s form Ferrari Testarossa. That is fine if you're a true fan of classic cars, and that is how it should be. Am I right or am I wrong?

Tesla said in a statement that they will be dropping a 1"020hp Model S Plaid", now put that in a classic body of a Ferrari and you have yourself even more of a epic car on your hands.


Source: CarWow

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