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Nostalgic Mystery Machine Heads To Auction

UPDATE: This Mystery Machine Van has been sold at auction for $63,800.00.

WOW! This is so nostalgic for me as I watched every episode of Scooby-Doo growing up. I am a 90's baby and I even remember the Icon Mystery Machine, as I mentioned before, I grew up watching this show, as you to probably found yourself relaxed on the sofa or up close to the T.V with some cereal, staring at the tv while “Scooby-Doo” and his team crack mysteries growing up.

The countless journeys that of Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and the famous Scooby-Doo went on both spooked us and made us all chuckle when the villain was eventually caught by the gang and the towns Sheriff. The show also caught us the scary side of reality, and that was that people can be EVIL.

The show was both funny and educational, but for us car enthusiasts, the most ironical part of the t.v series which was also made into several movies including the newest Movie, "Scoob" was the blue and green flowered hippie van. That vehicle was called the Mystery Machine. It is a VW Bus that has been concreted into the brains of the most automotive enthusiasts who have watched the show/movies growing up.

In today's world, VW buses can be spotted everywhere, may they be in the museums, car shows or maybe on the roads, but what if you want a one of the kind Mystery Machine? Well, you might just have that chance if you have money in the bank that is.

This van is in top shape, and you don't have to question if this VW van has been sitting around to gather dust and rust, as this VW van does not have that issue. The A100 was Dodges van of choice for heading to that job site or for going on that long-awaited road trip.

This Mystery Machine van value is seen in its style and quality of build. This van has a lot of cool features that show off the vans insane detail, these features include the dashboard, which has been customized in orange and green interior.

This Mopar Mystery Machine is powered by the original 225 ci slant-six engine which can put out around 145 horsepower and a solid 215 ft/lbs of torque. This van has a three-speed column-shift manual transmission.

This is the perfect vehicle for anyone who grew up watching the icon show and for those collectors who are wanting to collect or cash in on iconic history.

Here is some more information about the auction itself along with vehicle details.

Auction: Scottsdale 2022

Location: Tent 3 c-11


Status: Sold for $63,800.00

Price: Request Bidder Info

Lot: 466

Year: 1966


Model: A100



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