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The First American Car To Offer Seat Belts As A Safety Option Was The 1950 Nash Rambler

The 1950 Nash Rambler was the first American car to offer seat belts as a safety option.

Today we look at seat belts as a safety requirement to protect our loved ones and ourselves. It is even a law now a days to wear seat belts in most of all States except New Hampshire and the District of Columbia. Back in the 50's people looked at seat belts as a novelty and it wasn't until 1984 that it was signed into law that seat belts had to be installed in all Motor Vehicles.

Below are some photos of the inside of the Classic Nash Ramblers.

Photo 1:

Photo 2

These seat belts don't look very safe safety, as they were just lap belts. What are your thoughts?

Here is the 1950 Nash Rambler commercial from American Motors.

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