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The VW electric computer chair

A Gear Head is a high-tech enthusiast who loves electronic devices and gadgets. The term also refers to a "motorhead," a person who is mechanically inclined and loves cars. This chair is a mixture of both categories.

When you hear of Volts Wagon you know that they create vehicles, but did you know they know create E-Chairs? Yup, that is right, VW has designed and created a sick electric computer chair.

This chair is perfect for those who have at home careers, who are gamers, work in offices and for those who just want to own a sick and relaxing computer chair to chill in while blogging, gaming or watching YouTube videos. Heck, you can even take this chair to the grocery store to grab snacks on movie night.

The company's Norwegian division is responsible for this creation, and the men and women who built this chair made sure it had some awesome features, such as traveling capabilities.

The chair cruises on five wheels and is a two-wheel-drive office chair. If you want to travel with this chair, you will have a little over 7/miles of distance to work with, and if you are in a hurry to get to that afternoon meeting just buckle up and travel up to speeds of 12-miles-per-hour in this chair in order to get there, lol.

The chairs manual lists more features like, a seatbelt, LED lights with a "work party" light function, USB charger ports, a functional horn that can be customized, taillights, heated seats as you can see in some modern vehicles and has a trailer hitch to haul around your office supply maybe? This isn't an April fool's joke either.

Want to take this chair around the block to the Coffee shop on your break, you can rely on a rear-view camera with 360-degree sensors to help you get where you need to go. There is a touchscreen embedded in the left-side armrest of the chair that displays a variety of infotainment systems that displays T.V, music, home office and voice command APPS. The chair has plenty of storage to store that coffee for your travels back and can also house your laptop or work files too.

Why? Well, why not? If you want a more detailed answer, the company explained that it has created Norway's most popular workplace on four wheels for over 17 years.

If you are wondering why VW has created such a chair, maybe their following comment will sum it up for you.

"Now, we have finally created something for all of you who are stuck in office jobs," that should add closure to your questions.

The price for one of these VW electric cars can run around $3,500.

Watch the video below for more information.

This video by VW will highlight some more awesome features and capabilities.

In our thoughts, this is truly the sickest and most amazing chair of all time.

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