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The World's Largest Cruise Ship, The "Icon Of The Sea"

I remember going on a cruise with my family as a child, it was so much fun, but imagine taking a Royal Caribbean cruise on this one-of-a-kind cruise ship?

The "Icon Of The Sea" is a cruise ship designed and manufactured in Finland by a ship making manufacturing company called the Royal Caribbean International. The cruise ship will have the capacity to carry up to 5,610 passengers and 2,350 staff members.

The cruise ship "Icon Of The Seas" is 5 times bigger and heavier than the Titanic. The "Icon Of The Seas" weighs 250,800 tons, as the Titanic weighed 50,210 tons. This cruise ship is so exciting looking, and we honestly can't wait for its launch in 2024.

This Luxury cruise ship will have over 7-pools. You can choose a pool to swim in every day, with one being the record-breaking pool on the Sea, called the "Royal Bay."

The ship is packed full of entrancement. The ship will have everything you can think to keep yourself busy and if you have a family, they can enjoy it as well. There are several bars you can go to, which includes a sports bar with laser tag, a casino, restaurants, arcades and of course a waterpark.

The world's largest cruise ship called the "Icon Of The Seas" will set sail in January 2024.

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