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This Corvette is a real-life RC

A daily driver and a RC play toy.

Okay, not every day do you get to control a real-life RC that is literally a full-sized Corvette, but for this 34-Year-old computer technician it is not.

Just like playing with Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars having an RC to get down with was just as fun, if not much more fun. As a child I can remember having all types of RCs, I can recall playing with ones with cords and ones that were cordless, heck I even play with RCs today and I am in my 30's.

I remember fantasying about real-life Chevelle's, Moster Trucks and other cool vehicles that my RCs mimicked characteristics of whiles playing with them, some might have fantasied about Mustangs or Ferrie's. Either way, RCs were a vital point in the journey of many automotive enthusiasts.

However, have you ever had a dream or stopped to think if it would be possible to control a real full-scale RC car as an adult? Well, I did, and it is so cool seeing people doing it. It only makes me want to do it myself even more.

The C6 Corvette comes stock with a V-8 engine, some styling points and a very good track record. With the right remote-control capabilities, this would make for a pretty wild and fun RC for sure.

This real-life C6 Corvette is operated by three separate motors that control switching gears, steering, acerating and has a central operation system that allows the driver to control the entire vehicle with just a click of a button, rad huh?

What really adds a childhood touch to this read is that this real-life C6 Corvette looks like a RC toy you can buy at Wal-Mart, which makes it even more nostalgic for some readers and viewers.

This C6 Corvette is both an RC and a daily driver and it took just about two years to make this full-sized Corvette a real-life RC toy. It took $3,500 to create all the remote-control functions.

This man should teach us all sometime, and that would be to follow your dreams as even the most out of this world ideas can become real world creations.

I also have to add that when the engineer says he hasn't seen someone do the same except thing in the start of the video, I guess he never saw the RC dump truck video, check out a real-life dump truck take a crash course of its life.

Watch video.

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