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Top 6 Sexiest Cars From the 90s

Credit: Digital Creator; Cliff Hannold

Here are some of the sexiest cars from the 90s, an era known for peace and prosperity. The 90's is also known for the decade where internet took over as our main communicational tool, it also ended up creating more businesses in American and entertainment to watch on the web. Turn up some 90s music like Pearl Jam and dive right into this hot list of 90s cars.

To start of this top 6 sexiest cars of the 90s list we have a Corvette ZR-1.

Corvette ZR-1
Corvette ZR-1

I mean come on, how can you deny this beauty, just look at those eyes.

The ZR-1 has a curb weight of (3,4651bs) and can jam out 380-horsepower with its 5.7-liter V8 engine. The brakes on this Corvette are 'standard antilock brakes.'

If you are in the market for a car like this, you will need to fork out roughly $59,495 for it. Not bad for a beauty like this huh?

UP Next: BMW 7-Series

BMW 7-Series
BMW 7-Series

This #BMW was a car to have in the 90s when you wanted to drive in style, and most say it was for those who wanted to flex or if you wanted a high-roller status, like that matters anyways, right?

The BMW 7-Series has a curb weight of (3835lbs) and has a 5.0 l V12 engine under the hood.

Price: $49,650 - $71,500

Up Next: Ferrari F50

Ferrari F50
Ferrari F50

If you wanted to drive fast and look cool while having the breeze of mother nature running through your hair, then this was the car to have. This Ferrari is a dream car for those road trip taking enthusiast.

The #Ferrari F50 has a curb weight of (2712 lbs) and this sports car legend has a beast of an .7 V12 Spec Engine that is to be reckoned with. This bad boy can jump from 0 to 100 in just 3.7 seconds and the F50 can top out at speeds of over 200-203 miles per-hour.

Back in the 1990s if you wanted one of these you had to be making some serious money. The Ferrari F50 cost $1,000,000 ($1-Million).

Up Next: Plymouth Prowler

Plymouth Prowler
Plymouth Prowler

Nothing screams "I am from the 90s" louder than this car. This car is a mix between a P.T Cruiser and a Hot Rod Roaster in my opinion, even though it looks like a half bread, I like it.

The #Plymouth Prowler has a curb weight of (2,800 lb) even though it looks like an Olympic Medals Athlete. The Prowler can creep up on most modern street cars with its impressive 3.5 l V6 engine that can max out at 214 hp.

Price: $38,300 - 39,000 for 90s models.

Up Next: Jaguar XJ220

Jaguar XJ220
Jaguar XJ220

Not only is this car sexy, but she can bite too. This Jaguar XJ200 will take a bite out of any car crazy enough to take on it's power.

The Jaguar #XJ200 has a curb weight of (3,240.8 lb) and will rip through any street or drag without a hiccup with its 500 hp that is backed by a 6.2-liter V-12 engine.

Price: $349,850

Last, but not least: Dodge Viper GTS

Dodge Viper GTS
Dodge Viper GTS

This car is sexy because of it sporty look and sleek body. Vipers are becoming a collectors car in the 21st century and collectors are willing to spend some hard cold cash for one as well.

The #DodgeViper GTS has a curb weight of (3,280 lb) and has a 8.4 L V10 engine which allowed this car to be able to achievable some pretty impressive lap records.

If this is your dream car, as it is mine, we are going to have to spend $107,995 or more for a 90s era Viper.

These cars were voted by you, the Gear Heads to be talked about in this top 6 sexiest countdown article. Want to see your favorite ride in the next top countdown article? Check your members profile to check for voting polls.

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