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Tornado Tosses And Flips A Chevy Silverado Truck, Driver Drives Off As Nothing Happens

This article has been updated: 3/26/22.

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Several Tornados storms whipped through Southern America on Monday, giving Storm Chasers and our Southern neighbors a chance to get some mind-blowing footage of the storms breezing through their hometowns.

The video that hit the closest to home was the video from Texas.

The clip was also the most mind-blowing clip I have seen in 2022.

That footage was of a red truck being thrown in the air, tossed around, flipping and then is seen driving away as nothing happened.

The truck was driven by Riley Leon, 16 who was heading off to an interview that he could not be late to. Despite the fact that he knew the weather would be bad that day, he knew he just had to show up to that interview. he got the job and starts his new Whataburger job on Monday.

the crash was captured by Brian Emfinger, a storm chaser from Texas.

Check out the video below, it is by far the craziest video I have seen in 2022.

Watching this video blew my mind, and as I said before, it is by far the craziest video I have seen in 2022.

As the truck took off, concerned citizens took it in to their own hands to ensure the driver was okay.

Here is what people had to say.

“He was in shock; he was crying,” said Ruben Briones, who said he helped the driver of the red pickup truck seen flipping on Highway 290 in Elgin.
"I guess he either didn't see the tornado or didn't think it was that strong," Reynolds said. "And when the tornado hit his vehicle, it rolled his vehicle three or four times. Fortunately, he was completely fine coming out of it except for a cut on his elbow."

The red Chevy Silverado has busted out windows, missing mirrors, the side panels are dented, and the truck's paintjob is scratched up pretty badly.

Commander Aaron Crim with the Elgin Police Department was able make contact with the driver on the side of the road shortly after the tornado had hit.

“I asked if he was okay, and he shook his head and didn’t really answer me,” he said. At that point, Crim had not seen the video yet.
“Now I understand why he had a blind stare. I’m sure he was scared to death,” he said. Crim said a woman who identified herself as an off-duty EMT had wrapped the driver’s arm in a bandage.

Leon was also wearing a seatbelt at the time of this incident, sif he wasn't wearing his restraints, chances are he wouldn't have been able to drive off as quickly as he did.

The red Silverado pickup truck was a vehicle Leon saved up to purchase from his father.

Despite his loss, a local Chevy dealer called Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet hooked him up with a brand 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT All Star Edition in Cherry Red on March 26, 2022. The dealership also gifted him $15,000.

“I am very grateful," said Leon. "This doesn’t happen to a lot of people, and it happened to me."

As far as his truck that was wrecked in the Tornado, he said he is going to keep it. I mean I would if it was my fathers.

“It’s my truck," said Leon. "I cannot let it go. It has a lot of sentimental value to me."

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Leon got to celebrate this with his family and the people from Bruce Lowrie Chevy dealership in Fort Worth, Leon stated that he still can’t believe he’s alive after his terrible experience in a Tornado storm.

“I am very grateful," said Leon. "This doesn’t happen to a lot of people, and it happened to me."

Several lessons can be learned from this situation.

This video comes to show that the power of a tornado is nothing match for mankind.

The video can serve as a lesson that we should avoid a Tornado at all costs.

We can also look back at this video to remind ourselves how lucky some people really are when they get stuck in the path of a deadly Tornado storm, however the most important one is that you should always wear your seatbelt, it can save your life.

Images of the aftermath and surrounds areas shared by residents who were affected by the storm show that the results could have been a lot worse.

Photo Gallery

Twitter post.

This was an overall good story, however the aftermath from the storm will forever leave its mark.

Residents of the affected Tornado areas went on social media to show the destruction of the Tornado storms that ripped through the Southern region.

Scott McMlellan shares from Twitter a storm hitting I-35 in Round Rock.

Twitter Post.

Another Twitter user by the Username: Scot Pilie shared this insane video on his account.

Twitter Post.

When you're out on your daily commute and notice a tornado coming towards you, the National Weather Service states that you should pull over to the side of the road and seek shelter.

Wear your seatbelt.

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