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VIDEO: Cell video shows Alabama crash that killed 10

Video taken on the scene of a crash that killed 10 in Alabama that shows law enforcement and others, along with badly burned vehicles. (June 21) - AP

This is such a sad story to be sharing, yet it needs to be shared.

We all need to be driving safely, especially while traveling on wet weathered road, even though authorities are unclear that the bad weather from Tropical Depression Claudette contributed to a crash in Alabama that took 10 people's lives, most being children ages 9 months to 17 years old. All nine children who died in this crash were returning from a beach vacation. They were making their way back home while a sport-utility vehicle collided with their van, bursting it into flames authorities said.

The van was owned by the Alabama Sheriffs Youth Ranch, and the S.U.V. collided on Interstate 65 in Fort Deposit, Ala., said Michael Smith, the chief executive of the nonprofit organization, which provides “Christian, family-style residential homes” for children in crisis, according to its website.

“They were on their way back from the beach,” Mr. Smith said in an interview on Sunday. “Candice was pulled from the vehicle and there was a fire, and all eight children died at the scene.”

This wreck involved 17 vehicles, including two commercial vehicles, the agency said. Based on reports seven of the vehicles caught fire.

A sheriff stated in an interview that the crash was the worst he’d seen in 30 years. This crash happened as Tropical Depression Claudette came wrecking through the State, the worst to hit their region.

We're still in what the experts say "The 100 deadliest days of Summer."

The most deadliest time to travel is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It is known as the 100 deadliest days of summer.

There are teens all around the world that may be behind the wheel for the first time. They fall as the greater risk of getting into auto accidents. Based on recent AAA auto accident data, deadly crashes for adult teens increase during the summertime. This is because of the increased traveling between Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend.

Based on most recent AAA reporting. At least 1,050 teens were killed in crashes in 2016 during the 100 Deadliest Days. If you do the math, that is more than 10 people per day who lose their life due to a automobile crash. In the State of Idaho alone, 88 people died on the roads in 2020.

The year 2021 could be even worse based on AAA reports. This is because the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a major backlog in the DMV system, this can result in more teens out on the road this year. So please, be careful out there this year while traveling or just driving around your local community.

Be careful driving and save lives.

This article was first on Gear Head on Jun 23, 2021.

Sources: AP - Gear Head

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