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Video Shows A Chevy Silverado Rolling Backways With The Owner Still Underneath

Don't forget to chock those wheels before performing maintenance under your vehicle.

Imagine you are out in your driveway working on your vehicle, say changing the oil and your vehicle all of a sudden just rolls backwards down your driveway while you are still putting the plug back on your oil drain. Well, this Chevy Silverado owner had an experience just like that.

As a car person and a Gear Head by heart, I love working on my vehicles just as much as any other Gear Head. You don't have to hold a career as a mechanic either to work on your vehicle, some of us do this as a hobby or just like to save money and let's face it, anyone can YouTube it. However, mechanic or average Joe, safety should be the number one priory no matter what you're doing on a vehicle, even changing a tire can end up being the last thing you do on your vehicle if you're not safe enough.

If you ever have to work on your vehicle in any way, one of the most important safety measures to do first is to chock your wheels. By doing this simple step it will help prevent your vehicle from rolling away while you’re working on it and could very well save your life. These tools are usually used when your vehicle is on an incline/hill.

This video shared by ViralHog on their YouTube channel shows what happens when you fail to follow through with this simple safety step.

The video shared by ViralHog shows a man working underneath of what appears to be a Silver first generation Chevrolet Silverado Pickup, the truck is seen parked with its hood open outside of the man's home, and if you notice the man really doesn't have any sort of chocking blocks to prevent the truck from rolling backwards down that driveway on him.

In the video the man seems relaxed as you can see his legs are sprawled out under the truck, moments later you will hear some sort of a bang just before the pickup rolls backward down the driveway. You can see the man move his legs underneath the truck to prevent them from being crushed, as he was clear from the truck you can see the man getting up, shouting and running towards the truck. When the man gets close enough to the truck, he lunges towards it and grabs the front grill to prevent it from rolling further into his neighbor's yard. You can see the man slide out of camera view moments after the truck rolls back into the video frame.

What really shocked me the most was the women who came out, which I am assuming is the man's girlfriend or wife didn't help but to laugh at the situation. I didn't even hear a "Are you ok?"

It is unclear if this situation caused any damage to this man's neighbor's property, however this video does teach us an educational lesson, and that is to always chock your vehicle before working on them, even if you plan to use ramps, chocking your wheels would be an idle thing to do as well. We all know that the transmission and parking brakes can fail on any type of car for many of reasons, and the last thing anyone wants is to have a mechanical failure happen that can result in your car rolling while you are under it.

Watch the video.

Source: ViralHog - YouTube

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