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Video shows a man kicking and destroying a women's car in a Road Rage incident

This story is coming straight out of Canton, Ohio.

A video shows a man kicking and destroying a women's car simply because he was upset that she had honked at him. The male driver of the orange Dodge Charger was not happy with her actions and stepped out of his muscle car to instantly attack the women's car.

He cut me off, so I honked at him. He responded by giving me the middle finger. I laughed at him getting so mad, so he threw a water bottle out of his window at me. I sped to get away and the video captures what happens when he catches me at a stop light. - the female driver stated.

The women behind the phone caught her entire road rage experience on video.

Watch the video.

In the video you can not only see the man kick the women's car repeatedly and rip off her window wipers, but you can also see the man try to enter the passenger side of the vehicle.

After the man is finished assaulting the women's car, you can see him recreate back to his vehicle and take off, but not before he was approached by several witnesses who seemed like they wanted him to step out of the vehicle.

As the male attacker drives off, several men and bystanders approach the man while he is leaving the scene before authorities get there. You can hear a female yelling profanity at him while the male drivers seemed like that wanted to lay the Smackdown on him.

A Police report was filed with the Canton, Ohio Police Department. If you intentionally create destruction to someone's property, such as their vehicle, you can be charged with criminal mischief if that induvial decides to press charges against you.

Police say that this same guy related to this road rage case is the same man who was involved in a road rage incident where he had rammed another car. He was charged with a felony assault charge in 2010 as well, so this man has some anger issues to work out it seems.

Just imagine if people like him were to carry guns with them. They won't hesitate a second to use it. Road rage is never the answer and violence should never be accepted.

What would you have done in this situation? State your opinion in a comment below or on social media.

Video Source: Daily Mail Video | Facebook

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