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Ram TRX races a Classic Nova down the strip

The past and the present face off in a drag race.

This video captured by Drag Racing and Car Stuff on YouTube shows us a 1/4-mile race between a Ram TRX and what seems to be to us a 1975 Nova at the Tulsa Raceway Park.

In the left racing lane, you have the Ram TRX. TRX means fast, quick and the boldest truck you can buy on the market when it comes to speed, and it has a Hemi engine in it.

The trucked has a supercharged 6.2-liter V8. The V8 Hellcat engine in the TRX can pump out 702 horsepower and can crank out 650 pound-feet of torque. The Ram TRX is reported to go from 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds and when coming stock, the TRX is equipped with 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory all terrain tires, however, the owner of this truck switched them up for some racing slick tires instead for better grip and handling, which is perfect for racing.

This slick looking red painted Ram TRX may have been modified in some way or another, as the stock TRX only has a top speed of 118, as its speed governor is set to that, however the recorded speed for the Hellcat Powered TRX was 125mph at the finish line. Gear Head's guess is that it had some sort of boost, but we're not sure.

In the right racing lane, you the Nova, my guess is a mid-70's to 72' model, you help us out with that in the comments below.

If this is a 75 Nova, then the top speed for it would be around 120mph, and the one in the video was recorded at 123.5mph at the finish line. The Red beautiful Nova wears an SS badge in the middle of the grille, and like the TRX, we have no idea exactly what's modified on the Nova either.

The Hellcat Ram TRX won the race by 10.922 seconds following second was the Nova at a recorded time of 11.118.

Both vehicles look mean and for the Nova being 50 plus years old, it has some power, heart and drive still in this race. What are your thoughts?

Watch the video below.

Video source: Dodge Ram TRX vs Chevy Nova Drag Race - YouTube

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