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VIDEO: Epic Video Of A Corvette Drifting

Who Says A Corvette Can't Drift?

Some say Corvettes can't drift, that they're not Muscle cars and that they're not American like American Muscle Cars are. If you watched the video below you can see that rumor #1 is a myth and if you continue reading you can find out rumor #2 is true or false, and that is "they're not Muscle Cars" and a throw back into history to find out that Corvettes are in fact American.

Corvettes can match the "DRIFTING" skills of any American Muscle car out there.

Video shows a Fourth Generation Chevrolet Corvette drifting like it was performing for up coming 'F10' movie.

No Corvettes are not Muscle Cars:

The Corvette is not an American Muscle Car as it holds a super car title, however manufactures did use parts that are found in muscle cars, i.e; the powertrains and they can most definitely compete with Muscle cars because of their powerful engines.

Corvettes are indeed American just like American Muscle Cars:

Just because Corvettes are a sports car, that doesn't mean they are imports.

Corvette has been known for being the best American performance sport car for more than fifty years. The super car first appeared in 1953 when Chevy unveiled their First Generation Chevrolet Corvettes and Corvette has represented American history as far as performance for almost fifty years.

The Chevrolet Corvette has been manufactured in Bowling Green, Kentucky since 1981, and the very first Corvette was rolled off of the assembly line in Flint, Michigan in 1953. The name Corvette dates all the way back to December of 1953 in St. Louis, MO. Corvette is also known around the world to be "America's Sports Car."

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