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Watch A Ford F-150 Raptor Disappear And A Chevy Silverado Struggle In The Snow

No matter how big of a truck you have, without the right tires you are no match for the icy roads ahead.

It is cold outside here on the Westcoast as we are still trying to get through the Winter months, which means there is chances of hitting black ice while driving. As these frigid winter months are still here, it makes it difficult for those who are driving around in a tire-wearing, front-wheel-drive econobox vehicle.

As we see van's, car's and SUV's absolutely wipe out on the cold icy roads, we might think that bad mother truckers like the Ford F-150 Raptor and the Chevy Silverado may look invincible to the dangers of the Winter Weatherly Months, but when going head-to-head with mother nature you will lose, as you can see in some of these videos taken by some social media users, truck with the proper winter equipment such as big snow tires won't help you.

The point we're making are displayed in these videos shared on Twitter and TikTok, they show a couple of pickup drivers sliding and struggling on the Winter icy roads.

In the first video you will see a lifted and jacked up Silverado pickup struggling to make it up a lightly slanted hill. I am no tire expert, but I know enough to say that the low-profile tires probably had something to do with it.

It is said that the Silverado had to slowly back down the road to find a small hill to climb up.

In this second video you will witness a the driver of a first-gen Ford F-150 successfully backing out of his driveway to just be drifted off down the street due to the elements he is living in.

If the City got to his street to plow and sand before he left, chances are this video wouldn't have made it to the web. I wouldn't bet money that it wouldn't get stuck on the backroads though. Now if you were to add chains, then I might place a bet.

He should have shoveled and salted his driveway as well.

Twitter Video Feed

Remember Gear Heads, if your vehicle doesn't have the appropriate traction under your wheels, then don't drive. Having a jacked-up truck with ground clearance, low profiled rims and tires will not guide you in a Winter storm, they will misguide you down a hill or into a ditch though.

Credit: TikTokers and Twitter content creators (that cheap guy - Cletus Truckwell)

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