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WATCH: Video shows the aftermath after a drunk semi-truck driver crashes and bursts into flames

Truck driver hits DOT sign, crashes and catches fire on I-84 in Ontario, Oregon. Photo capured by Cliff Hannold


This story comes straight from Gear Head's stomping grounds of Ontario, Oregon.

Ontario, Oregon: A semi-truck driver crashes on I-84 just 4 miles west of Ontario, Oregon leading to a massive 1 vehicle wreck and fire which resulted in both the eastbound and westbound lanes being closed on I-84.

Oregon Department of Transportation reported the closure on I-84 at mile marker 373 around 9:00PM MST.

Below is some photos and videos captured of the semi crash when it first happened. The first photo and videos below were both captured by Dan Capron of Ontario, Oregon who said on social media that this happened right below his house and that both directions of traffic were closed.

In the image obtained by Capron you can see a massive fire ball, at first glance no one knew what was exactly on fire, but you can see drivers pulling over in all directions to go assist the situation with vehicles even stopping on the overpass bridge on Chester Rd to assist.

Photo Credit: Dan Capron

Here is another image of the crash that we were able to obtain from the scene. In the photo you can see the back of a semi-truck trailer and that it about it.

Fire Fighters were still responding to the scene at the time of this image.

In a video obtained by Capron you can see that traffic is backed up and stopped on both sides of I-84, as the video continues you can see more of the semi-truck in the center median being extinguished by the Ontario Fire Department.

It took the Ontario Fire Department with the help of mutual aid from Fruitland Fire Department and Payette Fire Department to fully smoother the fire.

Truck driver hits DOT sign, crashes and catches fire on I-84 in Ontario, Oregon. Photo capured by Cliff Hannold

Below is a video captured by Cliff Hannold that shows fire crews still on scene smothering the fire. (Expand video for better video quality.)

We were confused on what happened, so we asked around until one witness said that the truck driver had hit a DOT sign which crashed caused the semi to crash into the median bursting the truck into flames.

When the driver crashed, the tractor-trailer had a load of upholstery stream cleaners that was strewed all over the Interstate.

Bystanders said that the driver of the semi-truck was able to make it out of the ruble before the semi-truck was fully ingulfed in flames, but that may because the man was way over the legal limit. I say that last statement of him being over the legal limit and making it out alive because by now we all know that drunk drivers have the reputation of walking away from crashes unharmed. Even though it may be a myth that drunk drivers serve car crashes more than non-drunks, this case calls for a revolution on that study I would say.

We don't know what charges the truck driver is facing, but we would assume that he is at least facing a driving while intoxicated/DWI charge.

I don't think this truck driver will ever drive a semi-truck again, or at least let's hope not. Drivers that drink and drive shouldn't be on the road, especially someone who is responsible of a 10,000-25,000-pound rig and has to travel on roadways full of families.

Below is an aftermath image of the wreck, this truck driver was lucky he didn't harm anyone else and is blessed to make it out alive. He had guardian angles looking out for him for sure.

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