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What Is Cruise Night?

It is not just about the cars; it is about the community too.

A weekend gathering for car enthusiast is something most people don't realize is positive for their community and a lot of people don't know what a cruise night is.

Cruise night is a social activity meant for car enthusiast of all kinds, from muscle cars to truck, everyone is welcome to chill and cruise. These types of gatherings are supposed to be a friendly gathering full of non-judgmental and understanding people who love cars, truck, motorcycles and vehicles of all kinds, it is where you can see first-timers getting friendly advice and encouragement from those who have been in it for years to long-timers getting respect and admired and where old friends can reunite.

Just about every town and city in the world has some sort of a car meet, but what about a cruise night? If you never seen or been to a cruise night and are driving through Oregon, stop and spend a weekend in Ontario to experience one.

In this small town of #Ontario, #Oregon you will see a large presence of vehicles driving through the heart of the city every Friday and Saturday night from 9:00PM MST until 12:00AM MST, no you're not seeing a traffic jam when you see these vehicles, you're simply seeing a 'cruise night' that this City holds strong to.

These drivers meet up at the old 'Plaza Inn' parking lot near Albertsons on 1320 SW 4th Ave and drive down 4th Ave to Oregon St, then they drive back to their meeting spot at the Albertsons location to either hangout or to repeat the cruise route.

How are cruise nights good for the community?

What is apparent to those who don't know much about cars, engines and mechanics is that Cruise Nights is meant for the celebration of the community.

Cruise nights can benefit the community in many ways, they can serve as a charity drive for a community member who is sick to running a 'trunk or treat' for kids in the community.

These cruise nights can keep people like the youth busy and out of trouble. It can be a positive impact as they are around people who love cars and want to better their community.

Have you seen or been to a Cruise Night? If so, if so, where? Leave a comment below.

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