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"Where is the engine?" Video shows Myatt Snider's fiery crash on the last lap at Daytona 500

When watching NASCAR you are bound to catch a wreck or two, but nothing compares to crashing at Daytona. If you are a NASCAR fan and have ever watch a Daytona race, you will hear people say they are waiting on "The Big One," which is NASCAR terms, a big wreck. Myatt Snider gave those type of fans what they asked for and gave a whole new definition of "The Big One" at the Daytona 500 on February 20, 2022.

If you watched Daytona 500 until the end, you would have witnessed Myatt Snider crashing into a fiery blaze on the final lap of the Xfinity race at the Daytona 500 International Raceway in Daytona, FL. on Saturday night. Don't worry, he walked away from the crash okay.

Myatt Snider Snider said to be in seventh place or so in the race when he lost control of his #31 car and slamming hard into the outside wall, but his wild ride does not end there as his car flipped vertically end overhead, with the engine detaching.

Checkout the video of the crash below.

This second reply video from FOX: NASCAR shows everything in slow motion.

It is amazing that Snider was able to walk away from this crash mostly unharmed. I mean just look at his car's engine, it is laying in the infield.

The death of Earnhart Sr. sparked a major change in NASCAR safety equipment, and I believe that is what saved Snider's life at Daytona.

It is said that Dale Earnhart is still at that track in spirit, so maybe Dale was looking over him.

Snider later took to social media after being medically cleared after the race to say that his left leg was “a little banged up,” and that he would have it checked out further.

Snider also mentioned in the post that NASCAR’s safety measures is what helped him walk away from that crash after going upside down for the very first time in his NASCAR career.

The winner of the XFINITY SERIES DAYTONA 500 race was Austin Hill who won the race under caution, the caution of course was caused by Sniders last lap crash.

Source: FOX: NASCAR Twitter

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