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Why Does Our Website Have A Different Background Then Most Sites?

We as a website host we give our members the ability to always leave feedback on our site, and as of lately we have been getting some feedback submissions regarding our website backgrounds and font texts.

We want to start out with saying our website is a little more unique than most.

That is our first statement towards the most recent feedback given about the background and font designs.

The site owned and operated by someone with a Learning Disability, he writes 99.9% of the articles and creates 100% of the designs sold. The services that we offer here at Gear Head, LLC is also operated by the lone wolf owner, Cliff Hannold.

Hannold is a very creative person and likes to be different, although the background design wasn't his idea.

He listens very well his members feedback and started a poll back in 2020 when he first launched Gear Head.

The poll was to have either the original background for the site which was a black background with white lettering or to be different and have a black background with white text. If you're reading this article, then you can tell which one won.

We have even gotten some messages from other website designers. It seems like a lot of web designers choose the color black for their designs to give prominence to the content of the site. The reason for this is, manifestly, that all other colors stand out a lot more than they would against a light background, that's why it's usually a great choice for highlighting design and visual content. There are many ways darker design may be used to emphasize the nature of the business and its purpose.

There was 10k who voted for a b/background verses 8k voters who wanted a w/background and black text during the original poll in 2022.

Are you someone who doesn't favor the background design? A re-vote for this is to take place on August 21st, 2022, and you can vote right from the home page.

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